Thursday, June 25, 2009

From DD to JJ...Miss you JJ!!!

DD has progressed to JJ. My sister was recently in for visit. I miss her already, it was so great to see her! Her last visit she came in town to help out with our two year old while I was in the hospital delivering our youngest.

My sister stayed in the house alone with our 2 year old rolling through his daily routine and handling it perfectly! Peter loved his "DD", as he called her, and cried when she left!

Well, this visit he no longer calls her "DD". His mispronunciation of her name, Auntie AJ, has now progressed to "JJ"...still a cute nick name! :)

When my sister was here last time I lamented in this post that I never got a photo of her with my newborn son. It still makes me sick I didn't capture them together in a photo. I made up for it this last visit and love the outcome.

Miss you JJ!!


Christy said...

Adorable pic - and great that she's now 'jj'!

Rachel said...

Great post to your sis! My son calls my sister JUJU, which is what I called her for Julia. So cute.