Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why is it so quiet?!!!!!

This is not the "playing alone photo", obviously. I didn't want to disrupt Peter's
playing alone time with a photo. So I leave you with a balloon moment photo.

With great alarm I rushed out of the was quiet...why?

I had horrible thoughts of what could have happened. Had someone broken into the house and made off with my two adorable little boys? Was there a ransom note, no we have no money... Were my children, at that very moment, being tortured or worse? Had the proposed kidnapper been waiting for that moment I left them alone to go pee?!! Or, had the two of them gotten out of the house somehow and are now meandering down the busy street? Or had both the baby and toddler managed to fall and break their necks? Don't ask me how a 3 month old could meander down a street or manage fall down stairs...fears aren't logical - quit asking me to be logical! You know you've had crazy fears like this, it's OK to admit it. It's called being a good parent - as if we don't have enough REAL concerns to occupy our minds we fill the tiny little voids with insane worries.

This particular day, thankfully, none of these had happened. What had happened was a series of shocking events. The first was that my two year old, ALL BY HIMSELF, had walked downstairs to the playroom and was playing quietly all by himself. Did I mention he did this all by himself?! WOW! Now this is a REAL milestone event...I mean, BY HIMSELF? Without announcing he was leaving the room... without begging mama to go with him...without asking for help to turn on a light...or to help wind up a toy or build blocks...without crying that he wanted to play...just went and played.

The other event was my 3 month old son, who had just moments before been fussing like mad, was suddenly quiet. SIDS?!! I just knew I would peek in his crib to see a blue-faced baby! But no, he had soothed himself to sleep, the wet fist was still resting close to his mouth as evidence. Another first! Still, I watched his chest raise up and down a few times before walking away.

Then...the big dilemma...what the heck do I do with myself? I mean, the two year old is happy playing all by himself, the 3 month old is sleeping, unbelievable but all my house chores were pretty much done. I plopped on the couch and.... wait for it...TOOK A NAP!!!

May this wonderful event come to you all soon!!!!
This is an old photo of Paul sleeping when he was about a month old.
I didn't want to disturb Paul's peaceful slumber for the photo op.


Christy said...

Holy crap. That's awesome Jenn. I've taken to napping during the afternoons for about an hour when Fiona does lately because I'm just so tired! It feels so good to nap!

Rachel said...

Yay for naps. I rarely allow myself to take one but when I do-ah, what a day.