Saturday, July 18, 2009

NOT a George Rodrigue orginal

In my last post I put up several pictures of my son's room. On the wall there is a painting of a blue dog in a field of yellow flowers. As a result I received an email from a random (not frequent) reader who offered to buy the painting. Boy was I flattered!

There is a story behind that painting. My husband and I had taken a trip to New Orleans to attend a wedding in Biloxi. This was before t he kids arrived in our lives. We had a blast while there. While walking down the street we happened past the art studio of George Rodrigue, we had never heard of him before this trip but apparently he's quite famous. Mark fell over laughing at the dog's mesmerized eyes. We joked almost the whole weekend about the story behind this dog's eyes. We finally decided the dog was tripping on acid. ha! I snuck back to the studio to buy one for my husband as a surprise...I planned to hang on to it until his birthday later that year in June.

I was surprised to find how much even the smallest of these "Blue Dog" paintings cost! So instead of buying one, I painted a knock-off for him. That's what is hanging in my son's room. It is NOT a Rodrigue original...just a Jennifer-knockoff! And no, I'm not willing to get into the business of making knock-offs... but I am flattered you asked dear reader!


Christy said...

You are amazingly talented Jenn! I would love to own one of your original paintings one day. Seriously.

So cool that someone wanted to buy this one from you! And I agree - he's definitely on acid! haha!

My Kind of Strange said...

I'll see what I can come up with in the pink/orange category for you or the Foo-ster ;)

Momma Bear said...

i've been wanting to paint pics for my kids room and have gotten caught up with life. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

mel said...

The picture is amazing...and funny. That's awesome that someone wanted to buy it!

I love personal art. I have several 'pieces' from my little brothers hanging in my house.